Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

So I know it's been a while...Yes, Yes, a LONG while (2 months!!) My sewing machine is smoking from all the projects of the Holidays, and with no time to slow down in the near foreseen future. We had a wonderful Holiday season with friends and family all coming to visit us here in our home in Arkansas. Some of the most exciting (and scary) news of the Holidays is that we bought a house! The sellers accepted our offer just two days before Christmas, and we are set to close later this month. It is a home in need of some TLC and will keep us busy with projects for many years to come, but one that we have fallen in love with the potential of. We are so excited to get those keys and start getting out hands dirty. It is times like these that I am so thankful that I have a "handy" husband!!

It is only the middle of January and I am already behind on my project list....
Here is a rundown of what you may expect to see in the upcoming months:

-My beautiful little girl is a flower girl in two weddings this spring. My favorite cousin is getting married in March and then my sister-in-law will be tying the knot in June. I will be making the flower girl dresses for both of these weddings. Both weddings have a country elegance feel to them so we may actually get lucky and be able to use the same dress for both weddings, but change up a few of the embellishments. Fingers crossed and I just LOVE wedding planning, so exciting!!

-Well speaking of weddings.... of course I will be making wedding quilts as well. Anytime I make a quilt I change my mind at least 86 times on what design I will be using. I have already been through numerous options, and we will just have to see what the finished projects actually turn out like...

-Another of my sister-in-law's (I have four) has asked me to make a Kansas State table runner for her dining room. While it pains me to make anything Kansas State (we are die hard Jayhawk fans under this roof,) I do love my sister-in-law so I have agreed. Just like with my quilts I have already had numerous ideas running through my head for the design. I really want to try something new with this, especially since it is a smaller piece. I have been wanting to give "paper piecing" a try or maybe some handstitched hexagons. Any ideas are welcome!!

-Another friend has asked me to take a look at a special quilt her grandmother had made her as a little girl and make some repairs to it. Well my friend does believe I am a miracle repair quilter because "minor repairs" is stretching it. I do believe even the best of quilters can not fix holes through out the entire back from years of love. Needless to say I will be taking it all apart, mending, and re quilting.

-I am thinking of joining my first "quilt-a-long." There are so many to choose from but I have decided to try and follow "My favorite block quilt a long" over at Persimon Dreams. Hopefully By May I will have a quilt to show! Anyone out there have any experience with these?

-And lastly (at least for the next 15 seconds...) I really want to make my family a quilt for OUR living room! I had mentioned in an earlier post that I have never made a quilt for my family. Now I have made quilts for everyone's beds but I really want a cozy throw for snuggling on the couch. I think this may just be the spring this actually gets accomplished.....Okay maybe summer....maybe fall....

Whew!! I better get started!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy 2013!!

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