Saturday, October 13, 2012

About Me

We recently moved from Roanoke, VA  to Springdale, AR with our 3 kids, 2 dogs, kitten, 30 fish, and a much needed minivan. Seven years ago I married the best hubby a girl could dream of and together we simply adore always living life a step behind. We are never on time to anything (see above) and our house is in a state of beautiful chaos. Hadley is 5 and our tomboy in a tutu. She runs the show around here and I dare you to cross her. If crossed she is liable to sic her imaginary cricket, and close friend, "Jiminy" on you and who knows what would happen. Grayson is 3 and the biggest charmer cheesehead in the city. His sweet chubby cheeks each tucked with a dimple with have you falling for his charm in no time. He adores his sissy, dumptrucks, and batman. Finally sweet baby Beckett. Beck recently turned 20 months old and would probably appreciate us dropping the name “baby.” He loves music and will break into dance anytime it hits him. Sydney is our 10yr old sweet coonhound who is content to lie on the couch and would rather you try not to bother her unless you feel the urge to give her a bone. Sam is our 5 yr old bassett whose brain is the size of a pea but with a heart of gold. Daisy is our new kitten that has earned the name “Crazy Daisy” in every way. We have a gazillion fish but all pretty approachable. So that is our family in a short essay, so why start a blog?

I am starting up a blog to try and share with others projects that my crafting tendencies are taking me on. I love quilting and most of my projects entail quilting in some way, although we are all in need of the occasional mermaid tail or superhero cape that must be completed. I am hoping to post tutorials of my crafts and update you on my progress and hopefully hear about yours as well. I hope to share links of other amazing crafters so we can all grow together. Along the way you may here a few of my "parent of the year award" stories, but that is just what makes life grand and laughable. Recently I had commented that most days we are just about five steps behind everyone else but on that particular day we were getting lapped. That pretty much sums up our day to day life, but somewhere in our house there are always giggles going on so we let it slide!! I look forward to meeting you, catching up with you, and sharing our times! I hope to see you here often!!

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