Friday, October 19, 2012

The Easy Quilter is Here!

Anyone know what this is? It's an "easy quilter!!" I found this thing on craigslist last week for pocket change, and I am so excited to give it a try. I absolutely love Craigslist for times such as this. I can try out something new, for a fraction of the price! I have always machine quilted all of my own quilts. In the beginning I started with nice clean straight lines (a great place for beginners to start), then ventured into diagonals, and eventually I got up the nerve to start free-handing. This contraption to the left will hold the quilt clamped in with the extra rolled up on the sides for the portion of the quilt you are working on at the time. Then you move the wooden frame by the metal handles on the sides to move the quilt according to your pattern. I'm very sceptical of this little thing but definitely worth a try. I have four quilts at present time that need to be machine quilted (can you say procrastinator...), but all of this will have to wait. I found out this morning that my daughter needs a cow girl outfit for her school program next Thursday. So I ran to my local Hancock's this morning and picked up some red bandanna fabric, lace (the sweet little girl kind), and silver sequins, and I have a new project for the weekend. I will post pics after the big show!! Has anyone tried an "easy quilter" before? What were your thoughts? I'm excited to try it out and hear from others who have given it a run as well! Have a great weekend!!

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